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The Igbo Man The Yoruba Farmer & The Fulani Herdsmen – A joke you might not laugh at

An igbo man , paid a passing yoruba farmer twenty-five dollars to pull him out of a water hole fulani herdsmen threw him into after he was robbed . the kind farmer agreed and said he needed to use his cows at his ranch to help him get the man out


true nigerians

of the hole and asked if he hated the idea of using the cows ,the man was ready for any solution the farmer went to his ranch which was not far away

he tied the man to the cows and shouted wazobia ! and miraculously the cows pulled him out

After he was back on dry ground, he said to the farmer , “fantastic cows , can i loan them during the day or night to trap those fulani herdsmen ? .”

“I Can’t,” replied the farmer. “During the day i loan them to the fulani herdsmen sir and at night i use them to fill water in the hole  .”


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